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The flavours of the Stubai valley – pleasure hiking in its truest form

"Gourmet Hike for the Senses" in the Stubai valley. We're taking you with us!

At the annual "Gourmet Hike for the Senses", visitors are thrilled at the various stations with musical highlights, such as folk music or alpenhorn, and exciting ones with extreme sportsman Heinz Zack, who balances on a tightrope over one of the waterfalls of the "WildWater Trails".

At the end of the adventure hike, tasty gourmet stands await participants with a range of treats, giving opportunity to try "Krapfen", breads, "Kiachl", "Kaiserschmarren", radish bread rolls, and much more. 

The World's Largest Kaiserschmarren - Guinness Book of World Records

The second part of this report is on the world record for the "World's Largest Kaiserschmarren".

5 top chefs from the valley, including our Hotel Manager Matthias Müller, put their heart into preparing the largest Kaiserschmarren in the world during the "Schmarren Festival".

To do so, they used 1200 eggs, 60l milk, and 36kg flour. The tasty Kaiserschmarren - under the strict watch of the lady from the "Guinness Book of Records" - went perfectly and were tried by all guests at the Schmarren Festival.

The pan used in the process had a diameter of 4 metres and a weight of 700kg, and was likewise created in the Stubai valley - by the experts of the HLF Fulpmes.

Matthias Müller and his colleagues from the Stubai valley are delighted about the special commendation from the Guinness Book of Records for the "World's Largest Kaiserschmarren", which is now prepared at the Schmarren Festival in October every year.

You can find the video on YouTube here.

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